Understanding Political Filter Bubbles

People who run political campaigns need to be aware of the fact that search engines are limiting the information they get. The search engines are trying to present you with the opinions they think you want to see. If you tend to look at liberal political opinions, you see more of those. If you lean to the right, your results present more conservative opinions.

As a campaign manager, you need to hear what the other side is saying to get a balanced view of the issues. That doesn’t mean that you need to change your mind, but you should understand the views of your opponents. When you are researching the issues, you might want to consider using a search engine that doesn’t track your preferences. It is possible to get results that will give you a view of the political discussion that isn’t distorted by your own biases.

Startpage.com uses the familiar Google search engine as a base, but it strips off your personal search record and prevents Google from tracking you. It was designed by privacy advocates. It is simple to use since it uses a familiar interface and Google’s search engine. You can click on the “Details” link on Startpage for more information.

TED talks has an interesting discussion about political filter bubbles. There is a very good nine minute video on the topic of Internet filter bubbles on the TED website.